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Why do we say “One Stop Shop”?

We realized that our local area had no single source shop to get Embroidery work, screen prints or banners. We had to go to 3 different business and in some cases all over town for what we needed. For example, when we needed a sand which board graphic for Helicopter event, we went to the UPS store, but we had to subcontract the graphics to an online source. It was not a very quick turnaround. We then needed embroidered polo shirts and future jackets, when two local vendors claimed to be shirt experts and embroidery pro’s, we soon learned one was a false front and outsourced everything to Dallas and the other just could not figure how to digitize our logo for embroidery.  With all this, we had already jumped into the custom world with our Mamaki Printer/Cutter machine. And by the way this Mamaki makes amazing, vibrant banners, stickers, posters and sand which board decorations.

With no fear we then jumped into the Embroidery business and purchased our first commercial grade Embroidery machine, attended training in Florida and began with our very own Embroidered Freedom Air Custom polos, graduated to jackets and then on to Ball caps for our own team.  Shortly after we jumped into another process of Dye Sublimation to make T-shirts at helicopter events. Soon after we had some orders for T-shirts on dark shirt, the Dye sub was limited to only light colors. So we studied what was available and invested in the Direct to Garment  (DTG) machine. DTG is extremely vibrant, high quality printed T-shirts with no limit in purchase amount, as little as one. Unheard of in the Screen-printing business. We have grown our T-shirt business  into a high volume T-shirt screen printed  and direct to Garment  business.  We were tired of waiting 5-6 weeks for T-shirts, 3-6 weeks for Embroidered projects and running all over town to get printed materials. 

We decided to open TexThreads to our friends as early as 2017 under a different name Printimes Graphics.  Howeverour presence really startled a local T-shirt business and he began to undermine all of our efforts by Cybersquatting our name: An illegal method to capitalize on someone else’s business name or graphics. Instead of wasting time and money in attorney fees to battle this person, we found a new, wonderful name TexThreads!  TexThreads, representing much of what we provide, by decorating apparel and items that our manufactured from various threads.  While we also have our textile decoration side to us, the name Texthreads really stood out and has been a solid company name with a powerful vision to get behind.  

Our Vision is to provide a “One Stop Shop” for our friends, while giving them an amazing experience with our family here at TexThreads, with peace of mind we will provide you great service, quality work and amazing products!  

We stand behind and firmly believe in our core Values: S.H.A.R.E.

Sense of Urgency

We give our clients a sense of urgency yet we do not rush your actual job.


To our customers, we keep our clients and friends in the loop. On time, ahead of schedule or if we made a mistake we will  take the responsibility and inform you of the error while providing a solution and delivery date.


Every order as a special and important project, because it is personal for our clients and for us.


Gives everyone a peace of mind that we will be here for you, to succeed!


The TexThreads way!  We are unique and provide a wonderful experience, we enjoy getting to know you and help you along your Apparel and decoration journey.

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